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Chapter 1322 Not Coming Back Again

  • After puffing out some smoke, Logan replied, “Sure. It’s definitely large enough.”
  • The old lady nodded. “How long have you known Lola? She never mentioned you before. Could it be a sudden marriage for the two of you? Well, it’s neither good nor bad. However, if you’re married without getting to know each other first, many problems will arise in the future.”
  • With a scoff, Logan looked away and kept smoking.
  • Worried that she was being too blunt with her words, the old lady continued with a smile, “Anyway, Lola is a kind-hearted and well-educated woman. Otherwise, Shawn Long wouldn’t have pestered her for such a long time.”
  • Logan frowned and turned to face the old lady. Does she think I have no idea what her intentions are? It’s no wonder that Lola and her parents loathe these people. They’re really deplorable.
  • With the cigarette between his lips, Logan snorted. “You’re right. Shawn Long had been pestering her because she’s a brilliant woman. However, as her husband, I had to fix a man like him who didn’t know his place.”
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