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Chapter 132 The Consequences of Angering Her

  • John stared at the message for a while, and he could imagine how smug she must look right now. Then, he went to sit on the chair in the garden.
  • Sophia used to sit here before as she dangled her legs and looked like a free spirit back then. Standing at the garden’s edge, Dylan looked back at John. He snickered silently, then he left. John called Sophia.
  • Sophia expected him to call, for the Constances had to make sure she was appeased with how the current condition was going; they needed her after all. She didn’t pick it up the first time on purpose, but then he called the second time. Now, she slowly picked it up. “Anything?” Sophia asked calmly.
  • John was reminded of what Dylan said, and he was unnerved. Even though he wasn’t feeling sorry for Sophia, he remembered what she told him: she suffered every unfair treatment because of him. John felt guilty about that, for he promised his grandfather to take care of her, but he never did that.
  • Sophia got impatient when he said nothing. “Your mom came to apologize today. If you called me just because you’re worried I might go back on my promise, then don’t. I keep my promises.”
  • “No,” John said. “Well, I just found out you suffered because of me, and it’s my fault.”
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