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Chapter 1315 Ready to Move In

  • Logan had been swamped with work recently. Sometimes, it would take him the entire day to supervise the wedding preparations, so he wouldn’t have time to have lunch with Lola. Therefore, he bought a new car for her so that she could drive to work when he wasn’t free.
  • Knowing that her husband was busy with the wedding preparations, Lola never told him that her parents would be visiting them on this day, and she drove to her hometown on her own.
  • Naturally, her new car attracted the attention of her neighbors. Upon seeing the vehicle, they appeared to be jealous. One of them crossed her arms and said mockingly, “Oh wow, you’ve bought a new car. How much is it? Are you on a loan? Your husband is rich, so I’m sure he could afford to buy it off in cash, right? Well, nobody takes out a loan to buy a car nowadays. Otherwise, anyone would be able to afford this kind of car. Don’t you think so?”
  • As though Lola wasn’t aware of the mockery in the person’s voice, she nodded. “Indeed, it’s paid off in cash. Why would I apply for a loan to buy a car when I have the money?”
  • The person was rendered speechless. Unwilling to give up, she went on to say, “How much is it? This car isn’t expensive anyway. It can be bought for sixty thousand at most.”
  • After putting on her bag, Lola walked toward her home as she replied, “Sixty thousand? I didn’t know the value of my bag alone was enough to buy this car.”
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