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Chapter 1306 One Kid Is Enough

  • John even vowed that after the child was born, he wouldn’t want another child because if Sophia was impregnated again, it would affect his sex life.
  • If it wasn’t because Sophia had to be careful with her movements, she would have beaten him up. Why is this man so obsessed with sex? Doesn’t he think it’s a blessing to have a kid?
  • A moment later, Sophia turned to Ian and asked him about his work arrangements.
  • Ian replied that his company had come up with a schedule for him and sent it to his mailbox. This proved that his company was serious about his career planning.
  • After going through the schedule, he was relieved that he wouldn’t be overburdened with work, but there wouldn’t be much time for him to take a rest either. All in all, the arrangements were reasonable.
  • Just then, John said, “His company has a clear policy on the career planning of their artists. Normally, all of them will be assigned jobs according to their strengths. The company also doesn’t create gossip for the artists in order to make them famous.”
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