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Chapter 1303 Shawn Lost His Job

  • Lola persuaded him against it by saying, “You don’t have to get mad over what Shawn had said. It’s a waste of your time.”
  • In a nonchalant manner, Logan replied, “It doesn’t take much of my time. Moreover, I’m pleased to teach him another lesson.”
  • He’s such a vengeful man. In order to fix the people he doesn’t like, he’ll do whatever it costs, even if he’ll also be hurt in the process. Shaking her head, Lola smiled in a helpless manner. “Alright. I will stay out of this.” After a pause, she inquired, “Do you want to have dinner with me later?”
  • Logan replied, “Of course. I can’t eat anything without you around.”
  • With a smile, Lola questioned, “Who else did you say such sweet words to before?”
  • In a meek manner, Logan inquired, “Are you talking about Jasmine?”
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