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Chapter 1299 A Photoshoot Is a Taxing Task

  • Logan let out a long breath. “Ian, you don’t come back frequently, so I don’t get to hang out with you often.”
  • Leaning against the chair, Ian replied, “When I don’t feel like doing this anymore, I’ll come back and grab a beer with you.”
  • Logan chuckled. “Can you really quit your job though? There are many people out there scrambling to get into the entertainment business.”
  • After giving it a thought, Ian replied, “Maybe this job doesn’t suit me. Once I’ve become a singer, I realize that it isn’t what I imagined it to be.”
  • Just then, John chimed in, “The entertainment industry is vanity fair. If you’re not after money or fame, this job doesn’t attract you.”
  • Hearing this, Sophia nodded. “Those people scramble to get into this industry because it’s easy to earn a lot of money as celebrities.” It was true that celebrities got paid exorbitantly after all.
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