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Chapter 1298 Picking on the Disadvantaged

  • Beside them, John finally opened his mouth. “Have you decided on the agency?”
  • Ian’s gaze swept past John, and he paused before grunting gently.
  • Receiving a reaction from Ian, John nodded. “That’s good. Next time, I’ll personally greet their manager and get more resources for you.”Look at him! Everything was fine when he kept quiet. The moment he opens his mouth, he’s stirring up anger!With her hand still holding his, Sophia gave him a pinch, signaling at him to shut up.
  • He turned to look at her with a satisfying grin and chirped, “Alright, alright. I’ll stop here. Why did you pinch me hard?”What a shameless man!Sophia was at the end of her wits.
  • Lola had a feeling that something was off among the other guests. She hurriedly moved the fruit platter to her side and said loudly, “Logan, have some fruits! Are you feeling better from the hangover?”
  • He didn’t know that Lola was trying to save the situation. Even so, he responded to her, “Yeah. I’m feeling better now.”
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