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Chapter 1288 An Old Friend

  • At that moment, Lola thought those were only superficial words, but since Logan had brought it up again, she knew that it was his good intentions. Feeling touched, Lola lifted her hands to caress Logan’s face. “Thank you.”
  • Holding her hand, Logan kissed it gently. “What’s there to thank? We’re a family, after all.”
  • As soon as they reached home, Logan was so excited that he asked Lola to make sure every document was ready and prepared for the registration tomorrow. In any case, all she needed was her ID and birth certificate. Since Lola had all the documents with her, she didn’t have to make a trip back to her hometown.
  • As for Logan, he had already taken his documents from Jefferson Mansion earlier. Gathering those documents together, they placed them all into Lola’s bag. Hugging the bag, Logan treated it as if it was a precious treasure.
  • Leaning against the bedhead, Lola found that sight really amusing, so she chuckled. Seeing that, Logan carefully placed the bag aside and hopped onto the bed.
  • In an attempt to avoid him, Lola pleaded, “Please give me a break. My waist still feels like it’s about to break.”
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