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Chapter 1282 On Cloud Nine

  • With everyone’s eyes on them, Lola thought she would die of embarrassment. If this was in the past, Lola would definitely reject being the center of attention.
  • However, she knew she had owed it to Logan this time, so she tried to ignore her embarrassment by responding to his affection.
  • Everyone around them was laughing and congratulating them.
  • Seeing how things had turned out, Lola only felt that she had walked from the darkest valley all the way up to the heavens.
  • Upon thinking about all the pain and sufferings she went through earlier, she wondered how did she even manage to get things so wrong.
  • Once the proposal was over, Logan planned to bring Lola elsewhere, so he left the cleaning up tasks to the gym trainers and members. He mentioned he would gladly shower each and everyone of them with gifts as an appreciation, so everyone was happy about it.
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