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Chapter 1272 Nosey Suggestions

  • The person who spoke paused for a moment before going on to say, “Looks like you don’t like the sound of it, Langdon. Regardless, everything I said is true. Lola is your only child, and this is the only time when you can ask for a bridal price. If you don’t state a price now, there will be no other opportunity for it.”
  • Someone else next to her chimed in as well. “What did the other family say? Is everything settled? Did you set the wedding date already? Even if they’re not buying you a house, they have to give you a car. It’s inconvenient to take a cab into the city with this distance.”
  • “That’s right. You’ll have to ask for all of this, including a house and a car. These are all just the basics. In addition, you spent so much on bringing up your daughter, so you can’t just give her away in vain without asking for a reasonable bridal price. Just the other day, I heard that Donnie’s daughter is getting married and he asked for tens of thousands in bridal price. That’s just the bridal price; the house and car are not included in it. Your Lola isn’t any better than his daughter, so you have to ask for this at the very least. You should call off the wedding if they’re not agreeable to it. Even if it’s difficult for a man to get a wife, a woman should be married off well.”
  • The gossip mongers went on one after another, and Fiona really doubted if they were really just being considerate for Lola. Pursing her lips and keeping her silence, all traces of a smile were long gone from her face.
  • All they cared about was shooting their mouths off for their own pleasure with complete disregard for Fiona’s attitude. Initially, she thought that they would give up if she didn’t say a thing, but they ended up talking endlessly.
  • In the end, they even urged her to call Lola to ask Logan to buy a house in full payment under Lola’s name before even considering the marriage.
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