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Chapter 1270 Are They Really Your Neighbors?

  • “Maybe they’re concerned about your marriage,” Lorraine said with a nod.
  • Lola could only nod in agreement. “Yeah, maybe.” Far from being concerned, they’re just thirsty for a bunch of gossip, she thought silently.
  • Despite that, she recalled her conversation with her mother in the kitchen earlier about the bridal price. If this got out, the whole village would be in a buzz, and she had no idea how these people would criticize her behind her back.
  • Without a doubt, there would be talks about her being a gold-digger, and she could even imagine that some people would suspect her of being a sugar baby to Logan. Or else, there would be no reason for a wealthy family like the Jeffersons to take a fancy on her since there were plenty of beautiful girls in the world.
  • Everyone could tell that there was nothing extraordinary about her looks, education level and job. Not even her family background was exceptional, so what made her so special?
  • She didn’t even want to think about it; just the thought of all these gave her a headache.
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