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Chapter 1267 Talks of Marriage

  • Langdon’s eyes darkened slightly, but he didn’t say anything.
  • The whole time the Jeffersons were in the house, there were people gathered outside the door, who were either rubbernecking inside while standing on their toes, or circling the two cars parked outside. Even though these people hadn’t seen much of the world, it was still clear to them that these were expensive cars.
  • No matter how they tried, they could never figure out how Lola could be so lucky to find such a rich man. Earlier, all of them had witnessed with their own eyes that the driver had unloaded tons of stuff from the trunk of the car. They weren’t exactly sure what it was, but judging from the premium packaging of the gifts, they were sure that those were valuable items.
  • It was too awkward for them to barge into the yard to gossip because meeting the in-laws was a serious matter, so there was no reason for outsiders to intrude. Hence, they could only wait outside until the Jeffersons left, then maybe they could pick up some tattle.
  • While the Hunts and the Jeffersons were discussing Logan and Lola’s marriage, both of them were asked to leave the room and stay away from earshot. Since they didn’t want to be watched by the people in the yard, they decided to wait in Lola’s bedroom instead.
  • As the drive was a little tiring, Logan flopped onto Lola’s bed directly, and she hesitated before taking off her shoes to lie next to him. She hugged him around the waist and snuggled close against him.
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