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Chapter 1261 Our New Place

  • There was only their own family left in the party, and they wanted to have a good chat with Lola. But Logan waved a hand and gave them the reason that she had work the next day and wouldn’t be in her best shape if she hung out too late.
  • Lola couldn’t say anything next to him and only put a smile on her face. Actually, it wouldn’t affect her work since she was the owner, and it would be fine if she arrived late or took half the day off from work.
  • However, she couldn’t expose him now that he had used this as an excuse.
  • In fact, she didn’t know why Logan wanted to leave early with her. When attending a birthday celebration, it was only considered polite to leave when the party was over. But it seemed as though he was unable to sit still anymore, and she decided to just let him be.
  • On the other hand, when the rest of them heard that she had to go to work the next day, they didn’t say anything else to make her stay. Nevertheless, before she left, they kept telling her to drop by whenever she had the time, and even told her to regard this place as her own.
  • At this, Lola blushed and kept thanking everyone.
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