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Chapter 1256 Corny

  • Ian told her that he had already settled on one agency, and the contract had been sent over. Right now, he was reviewing the details of it because he was afraid that he might be taken advantage of. Then, he went on to explain the situation of that agency.
  • There weren’t many singers in the agency. Hence, with his current popularity, he would be highly promoted if he joined. A few years ago, the agency had achieved quite a lot in the record industry, and they had clear plans for the artists under their management.
  • Relatively speaking, this was better than the other agencies who were holding out an olive branch.
  • Lorraine nodded. “I know about this agency. It is quite capable and has never signed anyone blindly, so the artists under their management are all able to get proper resources. It’s not a bad choice.” Thereafter, she turned to John. “What do you think of this agency, John?”
  • “Yeah, it’s not bad,” he answered. “I know a manager from that agency. We’ve had dinner together a few times before and spoke about the planning of his company. He seems like an intelligent man, so the internal planning of their company should be very clear.”
  • Ian raised his eyes and looked at him, but his lips were pursed and he didn’t say anything.
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