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Chapter 1254 Ian Is Here

  • As Lorraine only vaguely knew about what happened between Sophia and John, she hesitated before saying, “You guys started off differently from others. I’ve encountered John before and know that he’s not a man to fall in love at first sight. For people like us who are in the business world, we’re mostly level-headed and don’t believe in irrational emotions. Just keep your focus on his attitude toward you now and that’s all that matters.”
  • Of course, John was naturally treating her really well now, so well that she was getting a little sick of it. John didn’t go to the company now, and spent all his time with her. In the beginning, she felt rather blissful, but as time went by, there were times when she would find him a nuisance.
  • Coupled with her reaction during pregnancy when she couldn’t decide on her emotions, she was really irritated to see him next to her sometimes.
  • Meanwhile in another corner, John had joined Logan and his brothers-in-law at the door. The men were chatting and laughing in the beginning, then they started to make fun of each other’s status in the family.
  • All of them were doing rather well in the business world, but they were picked on when they returned home. As Lorraine had a rather aggressive personality, the status of her husband, Daniel, was beyond low.
  • In a hushed voice, Daniel told Logan, “Listen, I’m the only one in this world who can take Lorraine’s temper. Even my child is wondering what he had done in his previous life that he’s now her son.”
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