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Chapter 1244 Logan Comes Out

  • Shawn stood in place, frustrated that his plan failed.
  • Lola couldn’t go back in if he didn’t leave. She didn’t take her keys with her, which meant she had to knock so Logan would open the door for her. Obviously, she couldn’t do that with Shawn here.
  • Shawn took a deep breath. “This is my last piece of advice for you, Lola. The Jeffersons are too much for you to take. He just sees you as a plaything. Once he gets tired of you, he’ll throw you away, and that’s it for you.”
  • “You don’t have to tell me that,” she said impatiently. “You...” Before she could finish, Lola heard the door unlocking behind her, much to her shock. She quickly looked back and saw the door opened by a few inches. Since she was standing in the way, the door bumped into her and stopped opening. At this point, she had to let Logan out, so Lola sighed and got out of the way.
  • Logan pushed the door all the way through, and he looked flabbergasted. “So you were standing outside? Did you forget your k—” He stopped after seeing Shawn, and his face fell.
  • Shawn’s heart skipped a beat when he saw Logan, for Logan was the one who got him demoted. He’d worked for so many years and was finally getting a promotion, but because of Logan, all his hard work was for nothing. Since then, he hated Logan, and he also looked down on him. He’s only this powerful because of his family, not him.
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