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Chapter 1243 Talk by the Door

  • This is just Logan all over again when he pestered me previously. Lola looked at the bedroom. Good. That didn’t wake him up. After that, she pursed her lips and was seized by an impulse to curse, but in the end, she still opened the door, though she quickly went out and closed it again. “What do you want?” She leaned back against the door.
  • Shawn froze, and when he noticed her closing her door, realization struck him. “That Jefferson guy’s here, isn’t he?”
  • A frown formed on her forehead. She didn’t want to talk about this. “That’s none of your business. Say what you have to say.”
  • Shawn sneered, and his expression turned dark. “So you’ve been dating him for a while, have you? That’s why you broke up with me, isn’t it?”
  • Lola was getting upset. She thought they were done with this matter after the Longs came to apologize, so now that he was here for this again, she was irked. She crossed her arms and replied, “What are you trying to say? If that’s all you have to say, then leave.”
  • Shawn stared at her for a while before calming down. “Do you even understand him, Lola?” he said calmly, his impulsive attitude gone. “It hasn’t even been long since you know him. Do you have any idea what kind of person he is?” Then, he whipped his phone out and went through a few apps before showing some news article to Lola. “Look at this. He’s embroiled in a scandal. He’s not a nice person. Don’t be fooled.”
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