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Chapter 1232 Daughters Are Bound to Leave the Family

  • Logan caressed Lola’s face while saying, “I will bring with us two bottles of wine, since your father likes to drink.”
  • After some consideration, Lola nodded. “Alright.”
  • Logan smiled upon recalling something. “Weren’t you against me visiting your family as you were worried that your neighbors might gossip? Why the sudden change of heart?”
  • Heaving a sigh, Lola replied, “It just dawned on me that I shouldn’t have allowed their behavior to affect my life. I can live as I please.”
  • Turning to meet her, Logan gave her a kiss before saying, “Let’s eat up, and I will go get some wine from the clubhouse after that.”
  • Lola nodded before turning to sit by the table, whereas Logan was soon done with heating up the food. Since they were planning to go to visit Lola’s family, they made sure to eat quickly. After finishing breakfast, Lola changed into another set of clothes, as well as put her hair up in a ponytail, giving her a refreshing look. After that, Logan drove them to the clubhouse to pick out some quality wine. With everything set, they left for the Hunts’ house.
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