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Chapter 1228 Wine Over a Lavish Dinner

  • Logan burst into laughter before comforting her. “Don’t you worry. I am definitely the lowliest among my family. Haven’t you just bought yourself a pet fish some time ago? I dare say that even the fish would be of a higher status than me.”
  • Chuckling, Lola gave him a pinch on his waist before falling silent. After some time, Logan got another call from the clubhouse to inform him that their meal had arrived downstairs. Logan informed them of the unit number, and within a minute, there came a knock on the door.
  • Logan hurriedly went to take it, and Lola was surprised by the amount of food that he ordered. With multiple bags in their hands, four men were seen standing by the door, delivering the food to them. Lola had to admit that it was a feat in itself when she walked up to check on them.
  • All of a sudden, she felt like she had sinned upon laying eyes on the sheer amount of food despite having no knowledge of it while Logan was ordering them over the phone. It would be a waste if we can’t finish the food, she thought to herself.
  • Meanwhile, the four men greeted Lola in unison as soon as they saw her. “Good evening, Mrs. Jefferson.”
  • Lola wasn’t the only one caught off guard by their address, as Logan was the same, which led to him feigning anger while motioning to kick the rascals who came up with the idea. “You scared my girlfriend, you rascals!”
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