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Chapter 1222 Thanks to Her

  • Logan never had much of a libido, but not only did he find himself constantly wanting to be close to Lola, he even had an uncontrollable urge to want to have sex with her. After a while, he rolled over to lie down on the bed with Lola by his side.
  • Both of them were staring at the ceiling when Logan repeated what he mentioned earlier. “Let’s pick a time to pay your family a visit. We don’t need a grand lineup, but I do intend on meeting them so they would feel reassured.”
  • Lola rolled over to snuggle against his chest before replying, “Okay.”
  • They spent some more time resting on the bed before continuing with cleaning work. Although Logan wasn’t of much help, chatting with Lola helped her pass the time. She would soon lose momentum when she was cleaning alone, so she always needed time to recharge after working for a while. However, with Logan beside her, everything seemed to progress smoothly.
  • By noon, they ordered some takeaway before switching on the TV while they waited for their order to arrive. It seemed like a nice way to spend their days. Logan’s phone rang with a call from Lorraine before their order arrived. Evidently, she was in a good mood as she sounded more courteous when she spoke to Logan.
  • First off, she asked what he was doing, to which he replied languidly, “I’m with my girlfriend.”
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