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Chapter 1220 Interrogation

  • After staring at Logan for a good few seconds, Lola returned to the kitchen to retrieve the congee. Logan was startled for a second before he began to giggle. “Something seemed off in your gaze just now. What’s going on? Are you perhaps feeling jealous?”
  • With her back to him, Lola snorted. “Instead of feeling jealous, I am inclined to think that you sure got a lot of sh*t going on around you.”
  • Eyes wide, Logan thought, Is there a lot of sh*t going on around me? Has she forgotten about Shawn? What he did was absolutely disgusting. Lola must’ve forgotten about her own shortcomings while focused on mine. She should learn to reflect on herself. However, he dared not voice out what he thought, as he didn’t want to irk her. Right now, the man was even worried about suffocating her whenever he doted on her.
  • Meanwhile, Lola served the congee and side-dishes onto the table. “Come on. Let’s eat.” It was a Saturday, but Lola didn’t want to go to the gym even though they had the most customers during Saturdays. As she had finished most of her work, she didn’t necessarily need to show up at her gym.
  • Sitting down by the table, they chatted while having breakfast. The atmosphere around them might seem amicable to anyone observing them, but it would be even better if one could ignore their conversation. Lola began questioning the details of when Logan dated Jasmine, such as how frequently did they meet, or which restaurants did they frequent, as well as the activities they enjoyed after a meal. She even asked about the movie that they watched.
  • However, Logan didn’t remember much, as he never paid attention whenever he went on dates with Jasmine. Also, he wasn’t even sure what a date should look like, so all he was focused on was to pass time, as if he was completing a mission.
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