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Chapter 1219 Self-Conceited

  • Tears rolled down her cheeks as soon as Logan said that, which elicited a frown from him. Jasmine pursed her lips, looking both weak and delicate. “But Logan, I came to realize I can’t let you go.”
  • Logan found it funny. “What does that have anything to do with me?”
  • Although he sounded cruel, what he said was true. Choking on her words, Jasmine turned to wipe her tears away. While it was true the fact that she couldn’t let go had nothing to do with Logan, she came to visit him because she wasn’t ready to give up, so she wanted to try harder. She thought by approaching him humbly Logan would at least show her some compassion, but she was wrong, as the man was heartless.
  • After taking some time to soothe herself, Jasmine turned to Logan again, but this time, her tone sounded harsher, as if she was pissed off. “Do you like Lola so much? How is she any better than me? Logan, anybody would choose me in a heartbeat when compared to Lola—”
  • “For f*ck’s sake.” Logan didn’t even let her finish before he spat. Extremely disgusted by her, Logan shot back, “How could you be so confident? In my eyes, you couldn’t compare to even a fraction of her. The people around you are the only ones who would idolize you, whereas you are the only one who would take their words seriously. Don’t think too highly of yourself, as everyone I know likes Lola better after comparing her to you.” Logan turned to leave as he spoke. “I feel extremely grateful that I did nothing to you when we were together, or else it would’ve left an awful aftertaste.”
  • Jasmine’s face was drained of color, as Logan was being absolutely vile. However, he was already used to doing so, as he never minced words, while even going as far as deliberately delivering conversations using the worst method possible. After that, Logan set off in his car to go to Lola’s house, eager to see her after his encounter with Jasmine. He felt like an utter idiot for having fallen for Jasmine, as upon reflection, he realized she wasn’t even close to being an amicable girlfriend with how conceited she was.
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