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Chapter 1216 Judging a Book by Its Cover

  • Lola pulled her lips into a thin line while looking at Logan coyly. “Who knows how you might turn out in the future? Although you take care of and love me now, what if you get bored of me someday?”
  • Upon hearing what Lola said, Logan smacked his lips before asking, “Are you assuming that I don’t have similar worries? I am also worried that you might kick me out after being fed up with me despite having agreed to date me.”
  • Logan seemed more eloquent now, as he would have a comeback for everything Lola said. Snorting, Lola turned around to walk back in the direction of where they came from. Logan chuckled as he followed suit. They walked along the streets without aim, but it was enough for a couple passionately in love.
  • It was typical of such couples to indulge in each other’s company so much that even doing nothing aside from staring at each other was enough for them. In the end, instead of going back to the gym, they went to Lola’s house. It was almost dinner time, so Logan helped out while Lola cooked. Although Logan wasn’t exactly helpful, they had quite some fun while huddled together in the kitchen.
  • After their meal was ready, Lola’s father called her, which she was hesitant to pick up while glancing at Logan. On the other hand, Logan knew who was calling as soon as he saw how Lola reacted to the phone call, so he reached out to snatch the phone from her before answering the call. “Hello, Mr. Hunt.”
  • Langdon was frightened by his voice before addressing Logan a bit later. “Oh, it’s you, Logan.”
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