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Chapter 1214 He Owed Her Nothing

  • Since he had done whatever he could to compensate Jasmine, he didn’t think he owed her anything else. When they were waiting for their meal, Logan asked if Lola contacted her father last night, and if the latter said anything about him.
  • Smiling, Lola asked, “How did you know we spoke to each other last night?”
  • Logan heaved a sigh before replying, “It’s not that hard to guess that you had been talking behind my back.”
  • After some thought, Lola said, “It’s nothing that you need to feel concerned about. It’s just that you’re too rich, so my father was worried that you would mistreat me in the future.”
  • Logan moved closer to her. “So was he telling you to keep your distance from me?”
  • Lola nodded slowly after recalling their conversation, as she supposed it was true. In short, her father told her that Logan and her were incompatible, so she shouldn’t get too close with him.
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