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Chapter 1211 Probably an Incompatible Match

  • Lorraine sounded like she was busy, as she was scolding someone when she picked up Logan’s call. Maintaining her ferocity, she asked, “Why are you calling me so late at night? State your business, now.”
  • Chuckling, Logan murmured, “Lorraine...”
  • On the other hand, Lorraine was utterly disgusted by Logan’s tone of voice. “Why do you sound so shifty? Can’t you be more direct?” Lorraine had always spoken to him rather crudely. At any other time, Logan would be cursing mentally even if he didn’t retort, but he didn’t feel like doing so at all that day. Instead, he said with a giggle, “Lorraine, I have something exceptionally important to tell you.”
  • Meanwhile, Lorraine frowned while saying, “Make it quick. It had better be something important, or I will kill you the first thing I see you next time.”
  • Seeing as to how grumpy she was, Logan was a little worried for his brother-in-law. However, he went on regardless, “I got together with Lola! We managed to establish our relationship just now!”
  • Lorraine fell silent, which prompted Logan to ask, “Lorraine, do you hear me?”
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