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Chapter 1207 A Rift

  • Lola stared daggers at him while pulling her lips into a thin line. “Of course you won’t know the reasons.” That single sentence managed to silence Logan.
  • After that, the remainder of the afternoon was spent in the gym, whereas Logan’s driver gave him a call upon sending Lola’s father home. The driver also handed the presents that were stored in the car trunk to Langdon, as per Logan’s instructions, but the driver reported back that Langdon didn’t seem too happy about it. Lowering his voice, the driver reminded, “Young Master, you shouldn’t take it lightly, as he seems to be somewhat opinionated.”
  • Indeed... Even Logan could see that. He used to think that he had succeeded in gaining Langdon’s approval, but judging from Langdon’s reaction today, that didn’t seem to be the case. Heaving a sigh, Logan gave a curt response before ending the call.
  • That night, he had dinner with Lola outside, who got a call from her father when they were halfway through their meal. In the beginning, she had no problem talking in front of Logan, but chose to exit the room later on after casting Logan a few glances.
  • Logan knew full well what that meant; it meant that their following conversation had something to do with him, but he shouldn’t be involved, most probably because they had nothing good to say about him. At the thought of this, it left him feeling awful, and he lost his appetite. Therefore, he lit a cigarette before scrolling on his phone while puffing on it.
  • Lola spent ten or so minutes over the phone. When she returned to the room, Logan spent a good few seconds staring at her but failed to pick up on anything, as Lola was an expert at concealing her emotions. Logan knew he was no match for her when it came to psychological tactics, so he took the direct approach. “Did your father tell you something?”
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