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Chapter 1206 Shocking Discovery

  • Logan wasn’t sure what to say, as he might sound like he was showing off or come off as arrogant if he wasn’t careful with his words, and he didn’t want to be perceived as being the same as people like Shawn.
  • Seeing that Logan didn’t open up on the topic, Langdon didn’t pry any further. All he did after that was tour around the clubhouse to check on the facilities. Although he had a lot of questions before he came, he was stunned by the sheer size of the clubhouse, so much so that the questions remained unasked.
  • Langdon was planning to return to the gym after the tour in the clubhouse. He had no intention to stay for the night, so he had to catch the afternoon bus. Without further comments, Logan drove him back to the gym, after which the three of them went for lunch together.
  • Logan would be paying for the meal, but Lola was the one who picked out the restaurant. Instead of choosing a high-end place, she opted for somewhere moderate. When they were eating, it was apparent that Langdon was a lot quieter compared to before. He was an easy-going man who was chatty during their previous meals, but he was much more reserved now despite the fact that Logan still treated him with respect.
  • He didn’t drink, so he was able to finish his meal sooner as he was focused on eating. By the end, he wiped his mouth after putting his fork down, facing Logan as he asked, “Logan, I never thought to ask, but where do you live?”
  • Logan quickly replied, “My house is located in the city. I can introduce my family to you if you have time to spare.”
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