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Chapter 1201 Yearning

  • All Logan could hear was the sounds coming from the kitchen—the washing and cutting of vegetables, followed by the sizzling of oil, and then, the frying of vegetables. All these sounds were ordinary, yet he found them incredibly remarkable at this time, so he couldn’t help getting up and ambling to the kitchen door.
  • He stood by the door and stared at Lola. The kitchen was small, and she was bustling about with an apron around her waist and her hair tied back casually. This had him falling into a trance, and it was as though he could see their lives a few decades later. It was something he’d never thought before, but he now yearned for it.
  • After some time, he went in. Assuming that he was coming in to help, Lola declared without even raising her head, “I’m about to be done here, so go out and wait for a while.”
  • However, Logan said nothing, merely going over to her and hugging her from behind. All at once, Lola froze, her eyes bugging out of her head. Lifting a hand, Logan grasped the hand in which she held the spatula and gently tossed the vegetables in the pan. “They’ll burn in a while.”
  • Inhaling deeply, Lola abruptly lifted her leg and stomped on his foot. “Get out, you scoundrel! Else, you won’t be allowed to eat later. It’s already hot here since I’m frying vegetables, yet you’re plastering yourself against me. Scram!”
  • Logan hissed in pain. This woman doesn’t know how to flirt at all! Pressing his lips into a tight line, he reluctantly dropped his hands. Then, he spun around and went out. My status is getting increasingly lower.
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