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Chapter 1199 Thanks to the Power of Love

  • After chatting for a while, the kitchen staff then said that dinner was ready. Sophia’s belly was enormous now, so she had to shuffle up slowly. Upon seeing this, Matilda tugged on her arm and helped her to her feet. “This place will be even livelier when your child is born.”
  • Chuckling, Sophia was reminded of another incident. When she went out for a stroll yesterday, she bumped into Lady Jennifer whose gaze stayed on her stomach for a long time. She initially wanted to ignore her since there wasn’t any need to feign amicability when their relationship was bad in the first place, so she merely pretended as though she didn’t see her and turned to head in the direction of the garden.
  • However, Lady Jennifer suddenly spoke, asking her about her estimated date of delivery and whether she’d thought of a name for the child. In the end, she lamented, “I’m also going to be a grandmother when your child is born.”
  • Without saying anything, Sophia whirled around and left, thinking,You want to be a grandmother? If so, go and look for your son! Weren’t you all high and mighty back then? Why are you putting on a helpless expression now?
  • As they ate in the dining room, they started shooting the breeze. William inadvertently mentioned the situation over at the Second Constance Family, saying that Dylan seemed to be planning on going abroad to see the world out there and expand his horizons.
  • John had no inkling about this. After he’d ceased going to the office, he hadn’t even seen Dylan, not to mention talking to him. Lifting his eyes to William, he asked, “Have Uncle Owen and Aunt Jennifer been pressuring him again recently?”
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