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Chapter 1198 Conversation

  • Turning her head, Sophia whistled as she stared at Matilda who was walking in the door. She looks younger again! This woman is truly different when she has the nourishment of love. She loved to dress like a wealthy lady in the past, but it’s different now since she’s following the trend! Actually, it looks quite pleasant. William looks a bit younger as well. He isn’t wearing a suit but casual wear, so he doesn’t appear so rigid.
  • Matilda was holding something in her hands, saying that it was for Sophia to nourish her body. Sitting down beside her, she prattled on about how the child would be born hale and hearty after she’d consumed this. Exasperation swamped Sophia since she had someone send tons of things over recently. I’m really consuming everything she sent over every day, but it’s just too much that I simply can’t finish everything.
  • Taking the item Matilda had bought over, Old Mrs. Constance studied it. “Not bad. This is quite good. It’s indeed beneficial to health if you consume it consistently.” After she’d said that, she turned and looked at Sophia. “It’s more nutritious than your baked potatoes and tastes better than your radish dip.”
  • Sighing, Sophia grimaced. “You’re getting increasingly awful these days, Grandma.”
  • John was leaning back against the sofa at the side, his eyes fixed on the three women. His gaze grew increasingly tender even as the smile tugging on his lips turned all the more distinct.
  • During a lull in conversation, Sophia asked Matilda about Yolanda. Surprisingly, Matilda was crystal clear about Yolanda’s every movement, saying that Yolanda had gone out for a meal with her blind date and they were both getting along rather well, so there seemed to be a shot from the look of things at present.
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