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Chapter 1193 3D Model

  • Mrs. Hunt turned and threw the neighbor a look, yet she said nothing. If I were to answer her, she’ll have plenty of retorts to throw my way instead!
  • Neither did Lola entertain those neighbors. When she’d gotten into the car, Logan drove off straight away, and they then left.
  • While leaning against the car window on the way back, Lola abruptly asked, “How did you have that person sort Shawn out yesterday? Was it by getting him laid off?”
  • Logan snorted. “I’m not all that powerful. His job is a secure one, so how could he possibly be laid off so easily? However, I had someone strip him of his hard-earned position as head of department.”
  • Lola’s eyes widened. This is already astounding, and it’s a huge surprise to me! Not anyone can cause someone to get demoted. No wonder he looked as though he had heartburn when he came over yesterday. He must have cursed Logan out when he went home. After all, his job was the pride and joy of his family. Even during our blind date, he used it to blow his own trumpet. Well, well, I’ll see how he’s going to be cocky when he goes out in the future.
  • A while later, a wealth of glee slowly suffused her. Truthfully speaking, I’m rather happy when I think of the fact that he can no longer put on an air of superiority because of his job.
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