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Chapter 118 Alone

  • Sophia didn’t want to think what John and Isabelle might be talking about on the way. She couldn’t stop it, so she wouldn’t bother herself with this. After playing a few matches of her game on the bed, John still wasn’t back. Sophia didn’t know where Isabelle lived, so maybe it was far away. Maybe that’s why he got delayed. Or maybe the Baileys gave him a warm welcome and invited him inside. After waiting for a bit, she came out of the bedroom.
  • She went to the staircase to see if there was anyone there, but everyone left. Thus, Sophia slowly went down to a corner in the living room. She remembered there was an underground cellar here, so Sophia looked around, but it didn’t take her too long to find it. After she turned on the lights, she descended the stairs.
  • It wasn’t a big cellar, but there were many bottles of wine inside, and they were categorized. There were red wines, white wines, champagne, and everything else. She didn’t know much about wine, so Sophia took a random bottle of red wine. After the nap at John’s office this afternoon, it would be hard to sleep at night. Having some wine would help with that, and it could rejuvenate her skin too, or at least, the rumors went that way.
  • She took it out and went to take a glass as well as a bottle opener from the kitchen before going upstairs. After returning to her room, she sat on the bed and uncorked the red wine before pouring herself a glass. Sophia took a sip and frowned, for it didn’t taste good. Even so, she drank two glasses before going to look outside the window.
  • The car park was quiet, so John must still be outside. It’s good though. They’re alone, so something might happen.
  • Even she started imagining things between them. Sophia went to drink a bit more, but she couldn’t take the taste. When she swished the bottle around, she saw that there was still half a bottle left. So, she went out again, for it was impossible to finish half a bottle just like that. I need to get some snacks.
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