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Chapter 1171 Well-Matched

  • If this had happened in the past, Lola would’ve long since rebuffed him soundly. Logan didn’t even notice the anomaly, merely resuming his remonstration of the Baileys.
  • Old Mrs. Constance sighed. Halfway through the meal, she lowered her voice and said to Sophia, “Say, as I look on, the two of them do make quite a good match.”
  • Sophia’s lips curved into a smile. “Yeah, I’ve been thinking that for a while now.” As she said this, she looked at the two of them. They’re indeed well-matched, one handsome and the other beautiful.
  • When they were done eating, John then took his leave to drive Old Mrs. Constance and Sophia home. As they bid each other farewell at the clubhouse entrance, Sophia again thanked Lola. The juice today had been drugged, so it’ll definitely affect the fetus no matter the substance if I’d drunk it since I’m now pregnant. She’d done me a great favor this time, and I’ll remember her help forever.
  • However, Lola didn’t consider it a big deal. She patted her on the shoulder. “Don’t worry about it. This is nothing to me, and I didn’t do it just to help you. It was also for the sake of helping my ex-colleagues solve a case.” Her words were exceedingly practical, and she didn’t try currying favor at all.
  • Thus, Sophia liked her all the more. Finally, she squeezed her hand. “Come and visit me when you’re free. I’m at home every day with nothing much to do.”
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