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Chapter 1169 Are You Dating Him?

  • Logan slapped his thigh. “Let’s go to my place instead of ordering takeout.”
  • Pursing her lips, Lola nodded. “That’s a good idea.” It was the first time she was singing the same tune as him.
  • Since John didn’t want to continue speaking of the topic earlier, he echoed, “Sure. Grandma, let’s go together.”
  • Old Mrs. Constance deliberated for a moment before beaming. “Okay! I haven’t been to Logan’s place either.”
  • When the lot of them arrived at Logan’s clubhouse, a private room was already prepared for them. John and Sophia led Old Mrs. Constance in. On the other hand, Logan remained standing at the clubhouse entrance and took out a packet of cigarettes. After a brief contemplation, Lola didn’t follow the others in but retraced her steps and walked over to him. “Thank you for today.”
  • With a cigarette in his mouth, Logan turned and looked at her, his gaze earnest and solemn. For some inexplicable reason, Lola abruptly recalled the hug he gave her earlier in that dilapidated farmhouse after sprinting over to her. It was very warm and reassuring. Giving a soft cough, she asked, “Why are you looking at me like this? I’m thanking you.”
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