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Chapter 1168 Goodbye

  • Isabelle let out a long sigh. “My father has absolute trust in me. I just hinted at it, and he arranged everything according to my idea. Those four useless men are the last thing I did for your sake. I don’t think I’ll be coming back, so we probably won’t meet again, barring any unforeseen circumstances in the future. So, goodbye, John. Goodbye.”
  • With a hint of a smile in her voice, she continued, “Please convey my regards to Sophia and tell her not to take offense at me for the wrongs I’ve done to her. It was my first time having feelings for someone, so I was bound to do everything possible to attain the person.”
  • At this, John sighed. He didn’t want to hear all this anymore, so he said, “Have a safe journey. You won’t be implicated in anything over here, so take care of yourself and have a good life.”
  • “Sure, I definitely will.” Just after Isabelle had said this, the broadcasting system started announcing the boarding call. Standing up, she repeated into the phone for the final time, “Goodbye, John.”
  • John’s voice turned gentle. “Okay, goodbye.” After hanging up, he put his cell phone away. Then, he turned around and walked over to the sofa, sitting down again.
  • Logan was still livid. Raising his head, he stared at John. “Well? What did that woman say? Did she implore you for mercy? Tell her to dream on!”
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