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Chapter 1165 Unpredictable Situation

  • His original plan was very simple—kidnapping Sophia and using her to blackmail John. As Sophia was pregnant and couldn’t move around so easily, he had specially instructed not to make things too difficult for her.
  • Previously, he had added the abortion pill in the juice that was served to her, but only in a small amount so that the effects of the pill wouldn’t take place too quickly. Since nothing should happen to her at his place, he would be free of any responsibility if she was in pain by the time he finished his negotiations with John. Despite that, he miscalculated that John was able to find someone who was willing to risk it all for him as Sophia’s substitute.
  • This was something which he could never foresee, regardless of how mindful he was.
  • Glaring unblinking at John, he finally nodded. “I was right about you. But John, why are you so stubborn?”
  • John kept his silence and smirked without any care for the knife which was pressed against his neck. Just as fearless, Lola had already removed the fake belly underneath her clothes, convinced that this old man wouldn’t really have the guts to harm them.
  • Thinking that she was infatuated with John, Elder Mr. Bailey sneered, “Young lady, you’re willing to do anything for him, but what can this man give you? I feel so sorry for you.”
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