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Chapter 1158 The Drinks

  • Upon acknowledging, Lola didn’t really intend to sleep at first, but after lying down for a little while, she fell asleep in a daze. However, she didn’t sleep too well. Halfway asleep, she heard someone knocking on the door, which woke her up immediately.
  • Hearing that, Logan headed to open the door, and stood still right at the doorway. From the bed, Lola could hear that a man was serving them some drinks and snacks. Taking the tray from him, Logan didn’t allow the man a chance to take a peek at Lola’s direction. As soon as the man left, Logan locked the door once again and placed the snacks, as well as juices, on top of the coffee table.
  • When they got into the room, there wasn't anything to eat or drink. After a while later, they did feel kind of thirsty. Offering the glass of juice to Lola, Logan said, “Drink some.”
  • Taking a sip of the juice, Lola felt that it was too sweet for her liking. Considering she was never a fan of sweet stuff, she only took a sip.
  • Seeing that there was also another cup of tea on the tray, Logan finished half of the cup in a gulp. Initially, he intended to call for someone to serve something over, as he was already feeling thirsty.
  • Just then, John called over to check on them, making sure that everything was alright. Chuckling, Logan joked, “I think they have forgotten about us.”
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