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Chapter 1153 Gossip Girl Belinda

  • John would never do this in the past. After she read it, Sophia grinned and folded the slip before keeping it in the drawer, then she went to bathe.
  • When she came out from the bathroom and was done changing her clothes, she took her phone and checked the results of Ian’s competition last night. He was the champion, as expected. Of course, there might be someone manipulating it behind the scenes, but Ian was also a very competitive contestant.
  • A part of the comment section agreed with the results, while the others thought it was the result of behind-the-scenes manipulations. Nobody could reach an agreement, but that was normal. Either way, Sophia was delighted to find out about two happy things this morning. She thought it’d be a good day.
  • When Sophia came down, Belinda was basking in the sunlight. Then, Belinda stood up and went up to her slowly, crutch in hand. “That Jefferson boy brought Lola here last night, didn’t he?”
  • Sophia giggled. “Logan broke up with his girlfriend, Grandma. Shocking.”
  • Belinda’s eyes widened. “They broke up? Why? It’s not even been that long since they started, right?”
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