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Chapter 1143 Jasmine Comes

  • There was one not far from the gym, and Lola went there after she was done with work, though it was packed at that hour. She pushed her trolley toward the fresh produce section and picked the items she needed, paying no attention to the people around her, though someone saw her from a distance away.
  • When she was done, Lola wanted to go toward the necessities section, but someone blocked her with a trolley. Surprised, Lola looked up and saw Jasmine.
  • Jasmine was standing in her way, and she was staring at Lola. Actually, Lola could see that she was upset, but still she greeted her. “Hello, Miss Xanthos.”
  • In response, Jasmine pursed her lips. “We need to talk.”
  • Lola arched her eyebrow. “You might have to wait until I’m done shopping.” Obviously, Lola was equally upset. She technically wasn’t friends with Jasmine, and since Jasmine was here for trouble, she wouldn’t stay friendly. In her mind, Lola didn’t think she and Logan had an affair, nor did she ever think of taking Logan away from Jasmine.
  • Jasmine thought she could intimidate Lola, but Lola’s response dashed her confidence, so she nodded. “Sure. I’ll be waiting at the front door.” Then, Jasmine left.
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