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Chapter 1140 Shawn Comes Again

  • Lola pursed her lips, and she could feel her face turning scarlet. She wondered why she was getting so nervous. In fact, Shawn had told her things along the same lines when he confessed. He said he fell for her at first sight and wanted to live his life out with her. He promised he’d take care of her. Even so, Lola didn’t feel moved from his promises, only feeling disgusted from how fake it sounded. It was totally different from how she was feeling at the moment.
  • She refused to admit that this was love, so she chalked it up to embarrassment. Any lady would feel embarrassed from being confessed to. Yep. Thus, she decided to run away yet again.
  • A long while of silence later, Logan stood up. “It’s getting late, so we should be getting some sleep now.”
  • Lola stood up with him and went toward her bedroom. When she was at her room’s doorstep, Logan patted her shoulder. “Good night.”
  • Lola froze up, then she relaxed herself. “Good night.” No, she couldn’t sleep that night. She kept tossing and turning while listening to the sounds outside, but only silence greeted her. Logan must be sleeping now. He had a lot to drink. I bet he’s sleepy.
  • Heaving a long sigh, she told herself to stop thinking too much about it, then she closed her eyes and forced herself to sleep. She didn’t sleep long that night, for dawn broke in just a few hours.
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