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Chapter 1137 Mother Knows

  • The doctor said the wound was only centimeters away from the artery, and she could have died. He feared for his daughter’s life back then. Lola was all he had, so if she died on her job, his only hope would be gone too.
  • Logan turned around and looked at her. Lola was done with her dinner and was just sitting with them for the time being. “I didn’t know she risked her life for her job.”
  • Lola gave him a look that said, ‘Of course you don’t, dumba**.’
  • Langdon then talked about Lola’s relationship problem. He said Lola spent all her time working, so when the time came for her to find a partner, she was well past her marrying age. He did try to get a partner for her, but all the potential candidates refused after knowing she had a dangerous job. When she finally quit her job as a police officer, nobody wanted her because of her age. Langdon sighed. “Lola’s really unlucky when it comes to relationships.”
  • Logan leaned back against the chair, and he looked at Lola. Perhaps influenced by the alcohol, his eyes appeared particularly gentle. “I don’t think so. Maybe it just comes late.”
  • Langdon didn’t notice the underlying confession, but Fiona did.
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