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Chapter 1135 Unscrupulous Matchmaker

  • The smile she had on quickly faded, and she looked at Fiona. “And this is?”
  • Logan answered before Fiona could, “I’m Lola’s friend, and I know Shawn, too.”
  • Since Logan said he knew Shawn, the matchmaker thought he was the Hunts’ guest, thus nodded and went in to speak with Lola. “Hi, Lola.” Left with no choice, Lola came out to meet her, and the matchmaker held her hand. “Why did you do that, girl? You should have talked to me first.”
  • Lola pulled her hand back calmly. “It’s fine, ma’am.”
  • The matchmaker let out a sigh and started convincing Lola to keep seeing Shawn. She blabbered on and on, but the gist of it was that Shawn was a nice man, and that his pregnant ex-girlfriend was just a product of his impulsive youth. She said he had handled the matter before seeing Lola. “He never did see his ex after the breakup, and he did give her some compensation before they separated. He’s really a nice guy.” The matchmaker made him out to be a kind, loving man, which wasn’t true.
  • Listening on from the side, Logan held back the urge to spit at her. How could she even say that? What if the ex is her daughter? She’d be out for Shawn’s blood.
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