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Chapter 1133 End of Confrontation

  • Shawn quickly denied, “Not at all. My parents can’t wait to meet up after I told them about you.”
  • Lola smirked. “They felt the same toward your ex, didn’t they?” They wouldn’t have agreed to him dating her for three years if that weren’t the case. But in the end, they forced him to break up because of the girl’s background. “Do you still like your ex? I want the truth.”
  • Left with no choice, Shawn finally answered, “We dated for three years. What do you think?”
  • Lola even laughed aloud. “Three years, but still you broke up with her.”
  • Shawn paled. “I—”
  • Lola raised her hand, telling him to stop talking. “Enough.” She sighed. “Since I got what I came here for, and I think you understand what I mean, it’s goodbye now.”
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