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Chapter 1128 Investigation on a Jerk

  • The document detailed everything about Shawn, including his ex-girlfriend. The reason they broke up was over something trivial—the dowry. His ex-girlfriend’s family didn’t ask for anything ludicrous, but Shawn’s family refused to seal the deal. The girl didn’t graduate from Ivy League institutions, and her job wasn’t too exciting, so to speak. On the other hand, Shawn had a stable job, and his family grew arrogant because of that.
  • Logan thought the reason for their breakup was stupid. Three years, and it broke down because of money. If this isn’t stupid, I don’t know what is. When he was only one month into the relationship with Jasmine, she was already asking him for ten million, and he gave it to her without batting an eye. Then, he went through the girl’s details. She didn’t get into another relationship after the breakup, presumably because of the hurt she received. On the last page, Logan found out about the girl’s medical history in June a year ago.
  • Well, this is unexpected. Logan was surprised to see this. After going through the details of her disease, Logan shook his head. He ditched her even after knowing about this? What a piece of sh*t.
  • When Lola was taking a breather from her work and looked up, she noticed Logan was looking off. Thus, she stood up and spun her arm before coming up to him. “What’s that?”
  • Without intending to conceal anything, Logan handed the document to her. “See for yourself.”
  • Lola was surprised he’d let her read it. Once she took a look, she frowned and looked at him. “You’re investigating him.”
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