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Chapter 1127 In the Gym

  • Lola was lounging in her office, for nobody was hitting the gym that early. Then Logan came in and placed the food he bought on her table calmly.
  • Lola looked up at him, surprised. “What are you doing?”
  • “Breakfast.” Logan pulled a chair and sat down.
  • Lola already had breakfast on her way here, but she didn’t refuse Logan’s offer. He handed her a spoon and fork before taking the lid off their boxes. Pursing her lips, Lola wondered if she should take it, and in the end, she accepted the breakfast, lowering her head as she dug into the meal. A few moments after looking at her from the corner of his eye, Logan smiled.
  • They shared a quiet breakfast, and Logan went to throw the trash after they were done. Lola didn’t feel like working that day, and the sentiment intensified after Logan’s appearance. Even so, she stared at the computer and pretended to work.
  • When Logan came back to his seat, he asked, “Where’s your hometown anyway? Take me there when you have time.”
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