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Chapter 1126 All About Him

  • After he hung up, Logan turned to see that Shawn was gone. With narrowed eyes, he lifted his head to observe the building that Lola lived in. He never knew someone else would be after Lola, as he assumed he would be the only person attracted to a woman as plain as her, but he was obviously wrong about it.
  • Logan made his way back to the clubhouse while in a slightly agitated state, and he couldn’t stop pacing around when he was back in his room. He couldn’t wait to get his hands on the investigation report on Shawn’s background, as he was certain that the man had some sort of blemish to his character. If he could just get his hands on even one tiny blemish, Logan would blow it out of proportion just to spite the man.
  • Meanwhile, Lola also had a hard time falling asleep. She collapsed on the sofa as soon as the men left. Logan sure doesn’t know how to filter himself. Doesn’t he feel awkward about the situation just now? Lola scratched her head as her emotions fluctuated, but she couldn’t determine if she was feeling irritable or agitated. It was an odd feeling which made her uncomfortable.
  • Even when she was washing up, she couldn’t help but think of Logan’s voice when he whispered into her ear while leaning against the back of the sofa, especially the sensation of his heated breath, leaving her feeling restless. In the end, Lola tucked herself under the blanket before cursing Logan’s name. Feeling better after doing that, she managed to fall asleep, albeit with some difficulty.
  • On the other hand, Logan fell asleep after midnight, but was fully awake when he got a call from his subordinates early the next morning. With much efficiency, his subordinates managed to come up with a detailed report regarding Shawn’s background over the night. There wasn’t much to be said about his life, as he lived by the book. And aside from being a little rigid in his ways, he didn’t have much of a flaw.
  • However, the report also mentioned that he had a girlfriend whom he was in a relationship with for three years. They had reached the stage where both parties had marriage in mind, but they couldn’t come to an agreement about it, so they broke up. After that, the woman didn’t find herself another partner, so she remained single up until now, whereas Shawn quickly went on a blind date with Lola and established a relationship with her.
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