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Chapter 1124 Secret Competition

  • Pursing her lips, even Lola caught on to what Logan was implying, but she dared not respond to him, as she didn’t know what he would say next if she did. On the other hand, Shawn laid eyes on Logan before questioning, “Have you known my darling for a long time?”
  • My darling? Ugh, just hearing him say those words gives me a splitting headache. Logan replied after giving the situation some thought, “I’ve known her for a long time. In fact, I knew her for much longer than you would expect. Our history goes way back, as fate has a peculiar way in connecting us.”
  • Meanwhile, Lola wasn’t sure how to handle the situation at hand. She might be able to deal with other occasions with ease, but she was no good with anything pertaining to romance. Not only was she having a headache over the situation, but she was also feeling conflicted at Logan’s persistent hintings, as well as in disbelief. When combined together, a wave of inexplicable feelings assaulted her. In the end, she chickened out of the situation by staying in the kitchen, once again regretting making the stupid decision to invite Logan into her house.
  • Back in the living room, both Logan and Shawn held cold gazes within their eyes despite their smiles. As if having returned to his domain, Logan sprawled out on the sofa. After pondering about the situation, he mentioned something regarding Lola’s work. According to him, although Lola seemed to be quite busy as of late, business at the gym hadn’t been the best, so Logan was wondering if Shawn had any suggestions that might improve the situation.
  • Shawn was rendered speechless by the topic, as he knew nothing about her work. Although he had been to the gym, he left without even checking out the environment, so he couldn’t possibly give any suggestions. Thus, he merely pursed his lips, feeling a little awkward.
  • Chuckling, Logan suggested, “I have been thinking that I need to come up with an idea to help her. Other than that, she has also been feeling unwell as she was working way too hard, which is a bit of a pity.”
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