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Chapter 1123 Sovereignty

  • However, she couldn’t help but feel guilty about the situation. After glancing at Logan, Shawn turned to tell Lola, “Let’s go home.”
  • What he said seemed to indicate that he would be visiting Lola’s house, which she couldn’t actually refuse. It was impolite of her to turn him down after he waited for such a long time in front of her house. However, she felt uneasy spending time alone with Shawn in her house, so she turned to extend an invitation to Logan. “Why don’t you come up for some tea as thanks for sending me home?”
  • Arching his brow, Logan was actually delighted that Lola made the offer, to which he replied, “Great. I was feeling thirsty anyway.”
  • Shawn showed no signs of dismay as the three of them went upstairs to enter Lola’s house. As soon as they got there, Logan began mumbling while he was changing his shoes. “This pair of slippers is too small for me. I already told you to change them, but you never did.”
  • Blinking, Lola observed the slippers Logan was wearing while recalling that he had in fact said so. He was also searching for a pair of slippers when he came over prior to this. However, Lola lived alone, so she didn’t own any men’s shoes. As a compromise, she found him a slightly bigger pair of slippers that she mistakenly bought. He already complained about the small size of it back then while telling her to buy a bigger pair.
  • Even so, Lola had no reason to buy a new pair of slippers just for him, so she didn’t take what he said to heart. Now that Logan blurted it out in front of Shawn, she was getting slightly flustered over the matter, all the while regretting her decision to invite Logan to her house. She had forgotten that she couldn’t possibly predict how Logan would behave.
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