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Chapter 1122 Shawn Long

  • Despite not knowing if it was true, Logan kept that in mind while he nodded. “Alright. I get what you mean, so you don’t have to worry.”
  • While watching Logan’s car drive off into the distance alongside John, Sophia let out a chuckle. “You know, I have a feeling that the two of them will start dating soon. My gut tells me that Miss Hunt fancies Logan, too.”
  • Hugging her from behind, John caressed her belly. “You’re so concerned about their love life, but what about your husband?”
  • Coyly, Sophia let out a harrumph before chiding him. “Why should I when you’re having so much fun while away from me? From what I gather, you had a meal with a female client a few days ago. She even asked you out for a drink.”
  • Smiling, John asked, “Did Zack tell you that? Did he not tell you that I turned down her offer on the spot?”
  • Sophia arched her brow before replying, “Is that so? He didn’t tell me about any of that.”
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