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Chapter 1111 Dinner Time

  • The visitor wasn’t standing within the area where he could be seen through the peephole. Pursing her lips, Lola could hear knocks on the door once again, which she finally responded to. “Who is it?”
  • Despite the lack of a reply, she figured only Logan would do such a thing, so she made her decision. “I won’t open the door unless you talk.”
  • Then, she heard a rather loud sigh outside before a voice came through. “It’s me. Open the door.”
  • The voice belonged to none other than Logan. She let out a harrumph before complaining, “No, I’m not gonna open the door. Why are you here anyway? Isn’t this getting a little annoying?” Lola wasn’t sure what he was up to, nor did she know why he would be so brazen and persistent.
  • Meanwhile, Logan gave the door another three hard knocks before he spoke. “We can talk inside after you open the door.”
  • “No.” Lola was also getting stubborn.
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